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Lash appointments require more time at Lash Den because services are based around personal attention while protecting the natural lash health. The goal is for clients to leave the appointment will a FULL set of lashes every time. There is no lash counting - UNLIMITED number of lashes applied.

NEW CLIENTS to LASH DEN, especially those who have never had lash extensions, should schedule a COMPLIMENTARY consultation. This is a great way to ask questions and learn about your options. If you currently have extensions from another salon or studio, a consultation is best to determine if the work can be 'built on', or if a removal and full set is necessary. 
Approximately 30 minutes

Eyelash extensions

Classic eyelash extensions; classic lashes; classic lash extensions

The most natural look. One lash extension is placed on a single natural lash. A classic set is perfect for ladies who want the mascara look without the hassle.  Adds length and curl for 'get up and go' ease. Touch-ups are needed every 2-3 weeks.
Full set - 2-2.5 hours - $190; Touch-ups - 1-2 hours - $55-110

Hybrid lashes; hybrid lash extensions; hybrid eyelash extensions; wispy lashes; wispy lash extensions; lash extensions

A mixture of Classic and Volume lashes. This is a great in-between look for ladies, providing length, volume, curl, and texture. Hybrid lashes provide the look of mascara and eyeliner, while also achieving a fuller look than Classic extensions. Touch-ups are required every 2-3 weeks.
Full sets - up to 3 hours - $215; Touch ups - 1-2 hours - $60-120

Lash extensions; eyelash extensions

Volume *Most Popular Service*
The fullest look. Volume is achieved by using 2-7 lash extensions to form a fan that is placed on a single natural lash. These extensions are thinner and lighter than classic lash extensions, and can be customized for each person's need. Volume is the perfect choice for ladies who have scarce natural lashes. It is also the perfect choice for ladies who prefer a bolder look. Length, fullness, and curl can lead to a strip lash look. Touch-ups are needed every 2-3 weeks. 
Full sets - up to 3 hours - $230Touch ups - 1-2 hours - $65-130

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